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At the request of the Development and Employment Fund in Jordan, a KAB Awareness Workshop was held on Monday 24 October at the DEF offices. The workshop was jointly facilitated by Mr. Samih Jaber, KAB Regional Key Facilitator, Ms. Rania Bikhazi and Ms. Alexandra Irani. The workshop was attended by all department directors to ensure their exposure and understanding of the KAB Programme prior to its implementation. Special interest was depicted from the directors and managers of the loan disbursement and training departments.

A side meeting was held with the Director of DEF, Mr. Omar Omari, to finalize the proposed KAB project document for implementation during 2012-2013. DEF is expected to sign an MOU with the ILO early 2012 to initiate the project.

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As part of the business development center's (BDC) continuous efforts to spread awareness on entrepreneurship and build the NCET teachers' training skills, a Business Game session was held on Saturday November 26th 2011. The Game was facilitated by 4 KAB Teachers from the NCET with the participation of 20 candidates from the Maharat program.

Maharat is a USAID funded program which  provides youth with training and employment opportunities based on the belief that access to productive work is the best way for youth to realize their aspirations, improve their living conditions, and actively participate in society. The Maharat program enhances economic development by achieving the following objectives:

  • Improve the business and personal skills of recent university and college graduates
  • Create new jobs for recent university and college graduates
  • Unleash youth’s potentials, capabilities, innovation and creativity through promoting entrepreneurial skills among them

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The second phase of KAB courses at the National Company for Employment and Training started on December 18th 2011. A total of 370 students will be taught by 20 NCET teachers from various vocational training specialities who attended a KAB TOF and have already delivered a first round of courses. The training will take place till March 15th 2011 where both BDC and ILO will be conducting monitoring visits to evaluate the teachers' performance for their certification as KAB National Facilitators.

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A KAB Follow-up Workshop was held at the BDC offices in Amman from 8 to 13 October 2011. 24 facilitator attended from NCET the workshop that was delivered by Ms. Dania Achi and Mr. Ahmed Abdulbari, KAB Regional Key Facilitators.

The workshop was held after the end of the first KAB sessions in which 189 students participated at the National Company for Employment and Training. KAB teachers shared delivery experiences and discussed challenges faced during implementation. Ms. Achi and Mr. Abdulbary reviewed the delivery techniques of the KAB teachers and came up with  recommendations to expand KAB's outreach at the NCET.

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An evaluation of the KAB project Phase I in Palestine was done by Mr. Chris Weinmann accompanied by Ms. Rania Bikhazi, Enterprise Development Specialist.

The evaluation started in Amman where a meeting was held with the KAB Regional Key Facilitator, Mr. Samih Jaber, who was the lead expert working on the KAB project. Mr. Jaber gave a detailed presentation of the activities he conducted under the project namely the TOFs, refresher courses, and the NKF workshop. He also clarified the specificities of the teachers’ certification process in Palestine which included attending the NKF workshop, a written test on the KAB content and the delivery of a full TOF under ILO monitoring.

Over 3 days, Mr. Weinmann and Ms. Bikhazi held meetings with the MoL and the MoEHE. They met with the Minister of Labour who spoke highly of the KAB programme as a means to bridge the gap between vocational education and the labour market needs. Follow-up meetings were held with the National KAB Coordinator Mr. Abdullah Al Silawi and the 5 recently certified KAB National Key Facilitators (NKFs).

The NKFs highlighted the need to review the pre and post tests of the KAB programme, simplify it and train the teachers on how to analyze the results. They also focused on the need to provide KAB teachers with incentives in order to motivate them and keep up their enthusiasm.

A meeting was held with the Director General of Technical Education at the MoEHE who also expressed the Ministry’s full support of the programme which will be rolled out nationally starting January 2011. He also stressed on the need to involve the administration and principals of schools and colleges to ensure full understanding of the programme and the provision of the needed support to the teachers.

A long meeting was held with the National KAB Coordinator under the MoEHE and 5 out of the 8 potential NKFs. The latter raised a number of issues namely:

  • · Who can assess the business plans submitted by students?
  • · Analysis of the pre and post questionnaires
  • · Who will assess the KAB impact once the MoEHE will nationalize?
  • · Incentives for teachers and NKFs who will train other teachers.

A number of success stories were presented to the evaluators such as newly opened coffee shops, furniture shops and car mechanics especially in the Hebron area.

Mr. Weinmann also held additional meetings with UNDP, DFID to get to know the portfolio of private sector and SME development initiatives in Palestine along with a meeting with the previous KAB coordinator.

A KAB Training of Facilitators' workshop (ToF) was held at the Riyadh College of Telecommunication and Information in the presence of 28 males participants ((24 teachers, 1 KAB national coordinator from RIYADAH and 3 supervisors).

The workshop was launched by the newly appointed CEO of RIYADAH, Dr. Sherif Elabdelwahab, who stressed on the need to promote self-employment as career option among Saudi youth (men and women) and be able, through RIYADAH, to reach those who are part of the educational system and those who graduated from the system and remain without jobs. A short opening speech was made by the Enterprise Development Specialist highlighting the importance of entrepreneurship education for youth and the role of the ILO/RO-Beirut in the region in that field.

The TOF was held from 19 November till 01 December 2011 and was facilitated by Mr. Samih Jaber, ILO KAB Regional Key Facilitator, and Mr. Wael Ghosn, KAB Regional Key Facilitator. 

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Under the framework of the Entrepreneurial Learning project, a KAB Awareness Raising Workshop was jointly held by the European Training Foundation (ETF), UNESCO and ILO to raise awareness on entrepreneurship education and the ILO Know About Business programme amongst policymakers, government officials and senior educators in Lebanon.

The Workshop was facilitated by Mr. Samih Jaber, KAB Regional Key Facilitator in the presence of the Enterprise Development Specialist Ms. Rania Bikhazi. Workshop participants included the Advisor to the Minister of Education and Higher Education, Director General of General Education, Vocational Training and General Education School directors, and other government officials.

Preparing youth for self-employment and enterprise development is key to national education efforts in Arab countries. The workshop introduced participants to the ILO Know About Business programme, its objectives, implementation methodology and sustainability strategy. Participants drafted and endorsed a detailed work plan for the implementation of KAB in Lebanon during the 2012-2013 academic year.

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KAB Website Newsletter for October 2011. Click here to view in your web browser. Or, download as a PDF under "downloads".


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Our October Newsletter- Click this link to view the newsletter in your web-browser: Click Me


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The Know About Business programme is coming to 5 new secondary schools in Vientiane, the capital of Laos in the 2012-2013 school year. A ToT was held with teachers from the schools held by the Lao-India Entrepreneurship Development Centre. Read all about it in the Vientiane Times Article (attached).

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