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The ILO Enterprise Department will be hosting two events at the Global Entrepreneurship Week event at the UN Palais on the 19th of November 2009. The week is devoted to unleashing ideas on issues that matter most to present day society, ranging from poverty reduction to fostering a global culture which recognizes entrepreneurs as drivers of economic and social prosperity.

 A series of workshops, talks and events will be hosted by the ILO, ITC, UNCTAD, UNDP, and UNECE where each will showcase their work in the field of promoting entrepreneurship and innovation. The ILO, in particular, will be hosting two events entitled: "Promoting an Enterprise Culture" and "Unleashing Entrepreneurship" with interactive games, and activities to promote its work in entrepreneurship around the globe.

 All staff and interns are invited to join in;while for externals (former staff and former interns) it will be necessary to contact a representative at the ILO office for more information. More information on the event and its activities can be found at, and a search for activities in Switzerland in the "Get Involved" section, will show a list of events to attend throughout the week.


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This report gives quick overview of the global outreach of the KAB program as of September 2009. Quite some detective work went into preparing this report since no systematic monitoring system had been established for the KAB program. The data presented in the report is thus collected from numerous educational institutions and ILO offices and colleagues in the close to 50 countries where KAB has been introduced. Many devoted individuals contributed to this report and thanks is due to all who went the "extra mile" to furnish the information. Special thanks is due to Thais Lucas de Rezende who showed a particular flair for detective work and for making sense of  all the information. Henceforth, we hope that this knowledge sharing platform will provide a space for the growing community of KAB practitioners to share information and keep the community growing.
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