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This report is an attempt to report back on the major findings from 8 tracer studies that were carried out in 8 countries under an SDC funded project, as well as provide some insights on lessons learned and recommendations on the tools and process used to carry out these assessments. This is to help future similar initiatives in KAB and other entrepreneurship education programmes. The key question was to find out what happened to KAB participants 2 or 3 years after graduation and how does their school-to-work transition and current employment situation compare to peers who did not take the course. The research project however did not look more into detail at the impact the programme had had on their first beneficiaries, i.e. the trainers and teachers trained.

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This young teacher decided during one of her school holidays to open up an enterprise to be run in her free time. Coming from an entrepreneurial family, and after taking the KAB course in school she had enough skills to open up her own informal business. Read more here.
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Victor Aprizky studied KAB during High School. Read his story, below.
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Niken Suyanti studied KAB in her school, and currently runs her own successful business. Learn more about this women entrepreneur from Indonesia by reading the KAB story attached.
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Arif Rosyidi is a Student from Indonesia who participated in the KAB programme at his school. He has since opened up his own enterprise, and here is his story.
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After several years of experience in the area of Entrepreneurship education and KAB, stakeholders from China, Laos, Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia (more specifically from Banda Aceh, Papua, West Papua, South Sulawesi, Maluku, East Nusa Tenggara and Jakarta) were invited to meet for three days in September 2010 in Jakarta to discuss entrepreneurship education and quality assurance. Under the title “Entrepreneurship Education: seeking to improve quality and impact for the benefit of youth entrepreneurship” this Asia-Pacific regional workshop was organized by the International Labour Organization in collaboration with the Indonesia Youth Employment Network (JEJAKMU) and coincided with the International Year of Youth. It gathered a diverse group of over 90 participants working directly or indirectly on entrepreneurship education and the ILO’s Know About Business programme.

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The ILO has supported a number of countries in the Asia Pacific region in their endeavours to prepare young people for entrepreneurship by introducing the Know about Business (KAB) curriculum in the education system and by building the capacity of teachers and educational institutions. Countries such as China, Sri Lanka, Lao PDR, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, and PNG have introduced, or are in the process of introducing, entrepreneurship education at various educational levels such as secondary, post-secondary, vocational and technical schools and higher education. Entrepreneurship or moreover entrepreneurship education within all education institutions is a high level priority in the new Cabinet of Republic of Indonesia as reflected in the Medium Term Development Plan, in a Presidential programme, and an inter-ministerial MoU.

The ILO is organising a regional workshop on Entrepreneurship Education and the Know About Business programme (KAB) to take place in Jakarta, Indonesia, from September 21st to the 23rd, 2010. The meeting is sponsored by two technical cooperation projects – the Swiss funded “Creating Youth Employment Through Improved Youth Entrepreneurship” and the Dutch funded “Education and Skills Training or EAST”.

The meeting intends to gather around 65 key stakeholders working around or directly with entrepreneurship education in mostly Indonesia but also Lao PDR, China, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Vietnam, and PNG. The KAB is an entrepreneurship education programme developed by ILO whose specific objectives are to (i) develop positive attitudes towards sustainable enterprises and self‐employment among the population, by targeting youth and stakeholders for enterprise development, (ii) Create awareness about entrepreneurship as a career option for young people, (iii) provide knowledge and practice of the desirable attributes of, and specific challenges in starting and operating a sustainable enterprise, and (iv) facilitate the school to work transition, resulting in a better understanding of the functions and operations of sustainable enterprises.

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The Indonesian adpated website (  for information on KAB TOTs in Indonesia.
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