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Under the ILO/BDC project “Know About Business in the National Company for Employment and Training” and as part of the short-term KAB impact assessment, 7 focus group sessions were held from 4-7 March 2013 at the Business Development Center (BDC) in Amman, Jordan. The focus groups were held with the following participants:

1. Former students at the NCET who did not attend KAB classes

2. Former KAB students at the NCET who got employed

3. Former KAB students at the NCET who opened their own business

4. Former KAB students at the NCET who are unemployed

5. Employers of former KAB students at the NCET

6. Parents of former KAB students at the NCET

7. KAB Trainers at the NCET

The focus groups were facilitated by Alexandra Irani, ILO consultant, and co-facilitated by Ms. Farah Al-Azab as part of her capacity building process as a KAB Coordinator on an upcoming ILO/BDC project. The focus group participants were selected and contacted by the National Company for Employment and Training based on a selection criteria that was made available to them ahead of the focus group dates. Most focus groups included 8-12 participants; ranged between 1 to 2 hours and were video-taped for record keeping. The participants were informed of the confidentiality of the recordings and their consent was sought before proceeding with the recording.

Findings from all focus groups showed the following main points:

  • KAB had a significant positive impact on students on a personal level and a business level. It helped increase their self-confidence and taught them how to think strategically, plan all activities they want to undertake and organize their time.
  • Even KAB students who faced difficulties in finding a job or are still currently unemployed mentioned the positive impact KAB had on them.
  • KAB students, trainers and parents all recommended providing financial linkages to students who complete their business plans and are ready to establish or grow their business.

Thanks to the continuous efforts of Mr. Mohammad Bin Yassin and Mr. Mohamad el Saoub, supervisors at the NCET; Mr. Alaa Abou Hajeh, KAB National Facilitator; Ms. Farah Al Azab, Ms. Hadeel Issa and Mr. Ghaleb Hijazi from BDC, the 7 focus groups were successfully held and the required information from the selected participants was obtained.

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Under the framework of the ILO-SMEPS/KAB project in Yemen, the KAB NKF certification process was initiated by the Enterprise Development Specialist on January 12th 2013 in Yemen as part of the nationalization phase of the programme.

Five potential KAB NKFs delivered two KAB TOFs simultaneously  at the Bustan Hotel from 12-24 January 2013 for their certification under the technical monitoring of the Enterprise Development Specialist and 2 KAB Regional Key Facilitators. A total of 48 teachers and one official from SMEPS took part in the two KAB TOF workshops.

The nationalization of the programme requires training an additional 100 teachers to be able to cover the remaining vocational centres and complete the commitment made by SMEPS to the MTEVT. The certification of the five NKFs would lead to the institutionalization of the KAB programme in Yemen and will ensure its sustainability at the end of the current ILO project.

The preparations of both workshops were very well done and it is noteworthy to mention that the 4 trainers (in addition to Ms. Khlood Shaker who is very competent but works at SMEPS as the KAB Coordinator) worked extensively ahead of the training and until late hours at night. They were all present at 7:30am to prepare and adjust the training rooms and stayed until 20:00 for their individual coaching sessions taking comments and observations very positively and showing their readiness and willingness to improve.

After evaulating the performance assessments, 4 KAB facilitators were certified as KAB National Key Facilitators and can all proceed with the delivery of up-coming KAB TOFs in Yemen.

ILO and SMEPS are very pleased with this outcome and proud of the project's achievements so far that are leading to the sustainability of the KAB programme in Yemen.

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KAB Follow-Up Workshop

9-11 December 2012: Erbil-Kurdistan, Iraq

Under the framework of the recently launched ILO/UNESCO project entitled “Expansion of the KAB programme in Kurdistan targeting students enrolled in vocational education institutions and unemployed youth graduates of TVET”, a KAB follow-up workshop was held in Erbil by two KAB Regional Key Facilitators (RKFs).

The workshop was attended by 12 participants (4 teachers and 1 supervisor from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and 6 teachers and one supervisor form the Ministry of Education). During the workshop, participants shared their KAB teaching experiences and KAB supervisors reported the challenges they faced in implementing class visits outside Erbil due to administrative issues.

Training sessions were delivered by participants covering the new topics added to the KAB package, namely greening enterprises, Decent Work, Gender and people with disabilities. The suggested changes and sequence of topics proposed in the KAB 2013 version, (still in its draft form), were also presented to get the feedback and endorsement of the teachers before proceeding with translation and printing of the Kurdish KAB 2013 version. Finally, it was suggested to invite the old KAB facilitators trained under an earlier ILO project from both Ministries to participate in the second follow- workshop that will be held in February 2013 to increase the pool of teachers and equip the Ministries with a sufficient number of teachers to deliver the programme to the largest number of classes.

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The BBC Arabic show "Noktat Hiwar" highlighted the issue of youth unemployment in the Arab Region in its October 3 episode.

Check out the Arabic video in which BBC asks the opinions of Arab youth and entrepreneurs on ways to reduce unemployment and promote entrepreneurship in the region:
Your comments are welcome!
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4-5 September 2012: Amman, Jordan

Under the framework of the ILO/KAB project in Yemen and the decision of the MTEVT to nationalize the KAB programme in Yemen, a 2 day adaptation workshop was facilitated by the ILO-RO SME Specialist and an ILO KAB Regional Key Facilitator in the presence of a Yemeni delegation/programme review committee which included:

  • Mr. Abdelqader Al Olabi, Deputy Minister for Curricula & Continuous Education
  • Mr. Ali Hamoud Taher, Director of Curricula & Continuous Education
  • Mr. Abdelhakim Hashem Ahmad, Supervisor
  • Mr. Ayman Ghanem, KAB national facilitator
  • Mr. Sami Othman Salam, KAB national facilitator

The objective of the workshop was to customize the generic Arabic KAB version to the socio-economic and cultural context of Yemen based on the comments of the committee. Additions of new topics related to Decent Work, Social Security and Green Enterprises were also made.

The 2 days adaptation workshop was successful, most of the changes requested by the Yemeni review committee were approved by the ILO and it was agreed to introduce the new added topics to the trainers in the up-coming National Key Facilitator workshop (NKF) scheduled to be held sometime in November in Sana’a. As a result of the NKF workshop, a number of potential Yemeni NKFs will be selected to conduct 4 TOFs under the ILO/SMEPS project before the end of the year. This comes as a result of the MTEVT request that needs an additional 100 KAB teachers to complete the nationalization process of the programme.

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نشر الثقافة الريادية
الشباب العراقي
تقييم تجربة تطبيق برنامج الكاب
“تعرف الى عالم الاعمال” في العراق
كانون الثاني 2010
نشر الثقافة الريادية
الشباب العراقي
تقييم تجربة تطبيق برنامج الكاب
“تعرف الى عالم الاعمال” في العراق
كانون الثاني 2010
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The ILO/GCC Sub-Regional Introductory workshop on Know About Business (KAB) for Promoters and Facilitators in the GCC countries took place in Kuwait from the 5th till the 8th of October 2009.

An excerpt of the workshop report is attached.

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Hundreds of thousands of school leavers, university graduates and graduates of vocational education and training institutes enter the labour market each year and many of them cannot find a job. Preparing youth for self-employment and enterprise development is therefore considered an important strategy in national education efforts and countries are increasingly introducing entrepreneurship education at different levels in the educational system to orient youth to other career options than wage employment.

Against this backcloth, the ILO under the patronage of H. E., Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak, first Lady of Egypt, and with financial support of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) is organising an international conference on entrepreneurship education in Sharm El Sheikh, with a special focus on the Know About Business (KAB) programme, to discuss and share the experiences of these and other efforts with a view to develop better policies and guidelines for the promotion of self-employment and youth entrepreneurship.

The conference is aimed at all policy makers and practitioners involved in the promotion, design and teaching of entrepreneurship education courses in schools, vocational education and training institutions, and higher education from contries of the Middle East and North Africa region and abroad. Governement officials, educators, students and trainees, representatives from students organisations, International Organisations, donors, national and international NGOs, young entrepreneurs association are also invited to participate.

You may find more information on the Conference Flyer by going to "read more" at the bottom of this page.

Registrations have now been closed. We thank you for your interest and come back at a later date for more information on the conference outcomes.

Please note that the conference package includes the following:

All arrivals on the 4th of May pick up service is included.

All departures on the 7th of May transportation service to the airport is included.

Meet, Assist and transportation from and to the airport is included only on the 4th and on the 7th of May.

Arrival 4th in the evening, dinner at the hotel restaurant (DOES NOT include drinks).

5th of May , breakfast and dinner in the hotel restaurant (DOES NOT include drinks)

6th of May, breakfast  in the hotel restaurant and dinner in the pool area Gala Dinner. (DOES NOT include drinks)

Departure 7th of May, breakfast only at the hotel restaurant (DOES NOT include drinks)

Coffee breaks and lunch are offered at the convention centre on the 5th, 6th and 7th of May 2010.

Any extra order will be paid by the participant on the spot. $105 per night on breakfast and dinner basis in single room and $136 in double room per night. Payment in cash will be required for these rates.





يدخل إلى سوق العمل في الشرق الأوسط وشمال أفريقيا كل عام مئات الألوف سواء من خريجي الجامعات والمعاهد العليا، أو خريجي التعليم الفني والتدريب المهني، إضافة إلى عدد كبير من المتسربين من التعليم. وكثيراً منهم لا يستطيعون إيجاد وظيفة أو فرصة عمل. ومن ثم فإن تأهيل الشباب للتأهيل الذاتي وتنمية المؤسسات، تعتبر من الاستراتيجيات الهامة التي تأتى على رأس الجهود التي تبذل لتطوير التعليم الوطني وعليه أخذت الدول تتجه إلى إدخال تعليم ريادة الأعمال بشكل متزايد في مستويات مختلفة من النظام التعليمي لتوجيه الشباب إلى خيارات أخرى غير العمل بأجر .

ولمواجهة هذه التحديات، فقد سعت منظمة العمل الدولية إلى تنظيم مؤتمر دولي حول تعليم ريادة الأعمال في مدينة شرم الشيخ بجمهورية مصر العربية. وسوف يتيح المؤتمر مناقشة وتبادل الخبرات ومراجعة الجهود التي بذلت، وذلك بهدف تطوير سياسات أفضل وإرساء مبادئ توجيهية لتعزيز التشغيل الذاتي وريادة الأعمال لدى الشباب.

هذا المؤتمر موجه إلى جميع واضعي السياسات والمتخصصين المشتركين في تعزيز وتصميم وتعليم ريادة الأعمال في المدارس ومؤسسات التعليم الفني والتدريب المهني، والتعليم العالي ببلدان منطقة الشرق الأوسط وشمال أفريقيا وخارجها. وعلى وجه الخصوص المسئولين الحكوميين والمعلمين والطلبة والمتدربين، وممثلين منظمات الطلاب، والمنظمات الدولية، والهيئات المانحة، والمنظمات غير الحكومية الوطنية والدولية، وجمعيات رواد الأعمال، كل هؤلاء مدعوون لتبادل المعارف والخبرات.

للتسجيل، يرجى النقر على المكان المخصص لملئ الاستمارة وشكراً.

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