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The KAB Programme was launched in Botswana in 2006, when the Ministry of Education and Skills Development decided to introduce entrepreneurship education into the senior secondary school curriculum. The interest in entrepreneurship education became apparent in 2005 when the Ministry submitted an official request to the ILO to deliver KAB in education and training institutions, and the local provider of business development services (BDS) Enterprise Botswana, stated its willingness to promote the programme. Subsequently, in 2006, the first workshops for training KAB Facilitators, Trainers and Promoters were conducted in Gaberone, gathering officers from the Ministry of Education, staff from secondary schools, and members of Enterprise Botswana. In addition, these institutions sent several members to be trained in the 2006 KAB workshop held at the ILO International Training Centre (ITC-ILO) in Turin, Italy.

This was followed by an intensive KAB training programme for teachers of secondary schools, technical colleges and vocational institutions, initiated by the Ministry in 2007 with technical support from the ILO and Enterprise Botswana, and is still ongoing. Training workshops were conducted in August, September and October, in locations such as Tlokwemg, Mochudi, Kanye, Serowe, Mahalapye, S/ Phikwe, Maun, Gantsi and Kasane. Furthermore, other Batswana professionals from the Ministry of Education, Enterprise Botswana and University of Botswana were trained at the ITC-ILO in 2007 and 2008. At the start of 2009, the KAB programme began to be delivered in all the 28 senior secondary schools in the country. The plan is to offer it to all students in these schools, regardless of their subject/course combinations, over a two year period. The first KAB students will complete the course at the end of 2010, when it is calculated that a total of 21,856 students will graduate from secondary school having participated in the KAB course. Meanwhile, a project for delivering KAB to youth groups out of formal education is being discussed and developed by Enterprise Botswana.

So far, there are around 1,008 KAB Facilitators, Trainers and Promoters, including 26 National Key Facilitators trained and 1 regional key facilitator. For the next years, there are several plans regarding KAB implementation, like (a) rolling out the programme to technical colleges and other vocational institutions; (b) supporting the incorporation of KAB into the teacher training curriculum at universities and teacher training colleges; (c) adapting the package to the local environment; and (d) establishing a monitoring and evaluation committee to train officers in KAB monitoring.

Education & Training Institutions: 28 senior secondary schools

Facilitators, Trainers and Promoters Trained: Around 1,000 (including 879 facilitators from senior secondary school teachers, college lecturers and education officers)

Students/Trainees: 22,557 students

Key Facilitators & Teacher Educators: 26 national key facilitators (accredited by the ILO), 1 regional key facilitator (accredited by the ILO)

The KAB programme in Botswana is implemented in the national education system by the Ministry of Education and Skills Development; with the support of the ILO and the local BDS provider Enterprise Botswana.

Mr. James Sentongo-Lukwago – KAB Project coordinator for Botswana, Ministry of Education and Skills Development
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Mr. Dennis Maswabi – KAB Regional Key Facilitator, CEO Enterprise Botswana
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Mr. Andreas Klemmer – Senior Enterprise Development Specialist for the ILO Harare office
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Mr. Peter Tomlinson ? Programme Manager Enterprise Development, ITC-ILO / Italy; KAB International Key Facilitator
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* Note: all data above refers to the information available as of April, 2009. The figures can actually be slightly larger than presented.


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KAB in Botswana - Snapshot
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