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2012 Activities:

27 August-7 September: Beirut, Lebanon
KAB Training of Facilitators' Workshops

Under the framework of the Entrepreneurial Learning project, 2 KAB Training of Facilitators Workshops were jointly held by the ETFUNESCO and ILO to train teachers coming from vocational education and general education on the delivery of KAB in classrooms. Both workshops were held at the Padova Hotel in Lebanon and the opening ceremony of both workshops was attended by Mr. Soubhi Abou Chahine, Advisor to the Minister of Education and Higher Education in Lebanon; Ms. Rania Bikhazi, Enterprise Development Specialist, ILO Regional Office for Arab states; Mr. Abdelaziz Jouani, Specialist in Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Skills-Country Manager, ETF; Mr. Oussama Ghneim,CERD, Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Lebanon; and Mr. Sulieman Sulieman, Programme Specialist, Technical and Vocational Education, UNESCO.

The first workshop that targeted general education teachers was facilitated by Mr. Samih Jaber, KAB Regional Key Facilitator. The workshop was held from August 27 till 1 September and was a mixture of the first 4 KAB modules and material from the economics curriculum taught in classes. As it is the first time KAB material is piloted in general education in the Arab region, this experience will be highly informative and beneficial and will be a stepping stone for the integration of KAB in general education. The workshop was attended by 22 teachers (both men and women) and 5 supervisors from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

The second workshop that targeted vocational education teachers was facilitated by Mr. Wael Ghosn and Mr. Ahmed Abdulbary, KAB Regional Key Facilitators from Lebanon and Yemen respectively. The workshop was held from August 27 till September 7, 2012 and was attended by 25 teachers (men and women) and 3 supervisors.


Earlier Activities:

Under the ILO project entitled: “Skills development, employment services and local economic recovery for the construction sector in South Lebanon”, the Know About Business (KAB) programme was piloted in various vocational training centres (VTCs) in South Lebanon starting February 2010. The 7 VTCs were located in Saida, Sarafand, Tyr, Bint Jbeil, Hasbaya, Marjeyoun and Nabatieh.

Each VTC nominated 1 or 2 of its teachers (a total of 21) to participate in the KAB Training of Facilitators’ Workshop that was held in Nabatieh in August 2009 and was facilitated by Ms. Rania Bikhazi, Enterprise Development Specialist at the ILO, with the assistance of Mr. Ahmed Abdulbary, KAB Regional Key Facilitator.

Vocational training courses for the construction sector including painting, mosaics, electricity, plumbing, carpentry and aluminium were delivered over periods ranging from 3-6 months. Participants who registered for these courses were automatically enrolled in the KAB course. KAB was piloted over two rounds of vocational training courses from February till May 2010 and from July till November 2010.

Teachers were closely assessed through monitoring visits that were conducted by Ms. Rania Bikhazi and Ms. Alexandra Irani, KAB officer, to ensure the proper delivery of KAB and to enhance teachers’ skills and knowledge of KAB. After several monitoring and evaluation visits and 2 follow-up workshops, 10 teachers were certified as KAB National Facilitators.

A total of 231 students successfully completed the KAB course and received a certificate of attendance. Approximately 100 students presented a business plan.

Two business plan competitions were held where students were asked to prepare their business plans. Finalists presented their plans in front of a jury comprised of ILO representatives and KAB Key Facilitators. In-kind prizes, such as tools and equipment, ranging from USD200 to USD1000 were given to the winners to help them start their business.


Alexandra Irani, KAB Officer, +961-1-752400 extension 236, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ms. Rania Bikhazi, Enterprise Development Specialist, +961-1-752400

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