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eBook: Startup and Change the World by Sunit Shrestha & Dev Appanah Featured

Written by Dev Appanah and Sunit Shrestha
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Young people are generally known for their sense of idealism, willingness to take risks and their act first, think later attitudes.  While these characteristics are essential for creative thinking and idea generation, practical tools and guides are also necessary for idea execution.

The process of turning an idea into venture is no easy task.  This is precisely the reason why the Youth Social Enterprise Initiative, run by Change Fusion, developed this practical guidebook on how one becomes a successful social entrepreneur.

In this visually stimulating and information packed guidbook, the authors successfully break down what social entrepreneurship means, who are the leaders in the field, and how someone with an idea can get started to evolve that idea into a viable venture.

The guide explains social capital markets, future global trends in social entrepreneurship, profiles success stories, and provides tips and tools for building a career in the fast emerging social enterprise sector.

This book serves as a guide for young innovators who are full of ideas and need dynamic guidance choosing a path, developing a plan and creating maximum impact.

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  • Document Type: Training Materials
  • Thematic Area: Social Entrepreneurship
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